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Roam the streets of the city. Live life to the max. New systems, new action. All new FAIR story. A wide open world lies ready for the stories that are woven.

Whoopee! We're in the midst of a major renovation - and we're proud of it. The bland, boring old FAIR is assuming a new identity: Edmonton RPG! We'll be uploading new locations, new rules, new guides and new content over the next few days. And we promise.... this time, it will be huge!
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New Character Template

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1 New Character Template on Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:29 pm


Below is our new character template. Fill it out, submit it and follow instructions.

Name: (duh!)
Gender: (not much choice. Male or female)
Age: (old folk can be interesting)

Appearance: (attire and looks)
Description: (looks, traits)

Personality: (with some people, you never know what the character's like. especially beginners, who care not about post and story quality)
History: (education and summary of life. keep tragic pasts to a minimum, Mary Sue.)

Career/education path: (ex: Defense Attorney)

Primary Weapon
Weapon name:
Weapon type: (Blade, melee, projectile or firearm)

Secondary Weapon:
Weapon name:
Weapon type:


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