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Roam the streets of the city. Live life to the max. New systems, new action. All new FAIR story. A wide open world lies ready for the stories that are woven.

Whoopee! We're in the midst of a major renovation - and we're proud of it. The bland, boring old FAIR is assuming a new identity: Edmonton RPG! We'll be uploading new locations, new rules, new guides and new content over the next few days. And we promise.... this time, it will be huge!
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Damage Scale

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1 Damage Scale on Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:33 pm



Attack Strengths

Puny - 1p
The weakest attack in the game - usually found in combo attacks.

Pathetic - 2p
You call this a good attack? Usually found in combo attacks.

Weak - 3p
Slightly better - the norm for most signature attacks.

Mild - 4p
Not bad. Normal for little weapons.

Minor - 6p
Fairly good. Normal for standard weapons.

Modest - 9p
Good. Upgraded weapons usually do this amount of damage.

High - 12p
Limited to hand to hand or highly modified weapons.

Amazing - 14p
Reserved for NPC's or powerful weapons (explosives comes to mind).

Major - 16p
Limited to NPC's.

Serious - 20p
Limited to staff NPCs or extremely powerful weapons.

Injury Levels/Damage Levels

Minor - 6p
A minor wound. Slightly painful...

Crippling - 12p
A limb is crippled - slowing the attacked down and reducing the amount of damage they can deal. Cannot use weapons with over 8p of damage.

Major - 16p
Not only crippled, but bleeding profusely. Movements are slow and painful. Cannot use weapons over 5p of damage.

Serious - 20p
The player taking damage can no longer continue the battle. Collapse is instantaneous.


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