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Ethan Kolocov

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1 Ethan Kolocov on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:01 pm


Police | Rookie
Police | Rookie
Name:Ethan Kolocov
Tall, about 6'7, muscular and short tempered. weighs about 230 lbs. brown hair and hazel eyes. Has a darker skin color than most of his fellow Russians more a Dark tan be be exact. has a patch of grey hair in the back of his head. Wears a trench coat an dresses fairly nicely. (btw can I claim the leather jacket here or do I have to go somewhere else)

Biography: Ethan is an Ex Russian Spetz Snaz spec ops fighter, and he has a Russian Accent. he was removed from duty because he was hiding an american military officer without his superior's knowledge. the officer happened to be his Cousin.

After this incident he moved to the city (I'm assuming this takes place in america)

Now he is looking for a job, hopefully and job that he can shoot in.

Personality: he is the kind of that shoots first and asks questions when you just concious enough to answer him.
Expertise:he has expertise in shooting and hand-to-hand combat

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