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Whoopee! We're in the midst of a major renovation - and we're proud of it. The bland, boring old FAIR is assuming a new identity: Edmonton RPG! We'll be uploading new locations, new rules, new guides and new content over the next few days. And we promise.... this time, it will be huge!
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FAIR Rules

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1 FAIR Rules on Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:56 pm


The first thing we do is post the rules. And the systems.

Read them, love them.

See FAIR HISTORY for background info.

Table of Contents [#TOC]
1a - Basics [#BAS]
1b - Warn / Penalty system [#WAR]
1c - RP Rules [#RPU]

2 - Beginning
2a - Characters

1a ~ Basics ~ [#BAS]
Before we can set out the rules, we must recap the basics.

* No adult content
(duh!) Adult content violates the TOS. Period. Don't password protect or flag - still breaks the rules.

* No illegal content
(duh!) Links to r0ms or warez fall under the category of illegal content. So does bomb recipies. (we're not terrorists, you know.)

* No swearing
We've got an image to project, a young audience and we'd like to keep this board as clean as possible. Not even mild language is tolerated. ("Crusty canadian cheese! How could you do such a thing?")

* Listen to the staff

* No spam
Especially COMMERCIAL (link) spam. Randomness permitted in the spam forum, however.

* Be Civil
- No personal attacks
- Respect the rights of others
- Don't flame

* Don't be a fool

1b The Warning/Penalty System [#WAR]

Cards expire eventually. In this case, after three months.

Lowest level flag. Two warnings will result in a yellow card.

Stronger form of a warning. Two yellow
cards will result in a red card. Temporary loss of priviliges may occur.

A red card results in a temporary ban - usually one week.

Orange card results in a temporary ban - two week suspension. Equal to a red and yellow card.

One month suspension. Equal to two red cards.

Permanent ban. Equal to a single purple and a yellow card.

1c RP Rules [#RPU]

* No Powerplaying
* No Godmoding
* No Superpowers

* No Teamtagging
That is to say, no using multiple characters to attack an enemy. Period.

2a ~ Characters ~

* Limit: Three Characters per user, unless special permission is granted.

* No celeb faceclaims

* One place at any given time. In other words, the character can appear in a single thread.

* Minimum length: five sentences a paragraph.
- Physical description must be at least two paragraphs long.
- History / Biography must be at least
3 paragraphs long.

* No super humans.

- Template -

Name: (duh!)
Gender: (not much choice. Male or female)
Age: (old folk can be interesting)

Appearance: (attire and looks)
Description: (looks, traits)

Personality: (with some people, you never know what the character's like. especially beginners, who care not about post and story quality)
History: (education and summary of life. keep tragic pasts to a minimum, Mary Sue.)

Career/education path: (ex: Defense Attorney)

Primary Weapon
Weapon name:
Weapon type: (Blade, melee, projectile or firearm)

Secondary Weapon:
Weapon name:
Weapon type:


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