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Benjamin "Smasher" Myers

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1 Benjamin "Smasher" Myers on Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:52 am


Police | Rookie
Police | Rookie
Name:Benjamin "Smasher" Myers
Gender: Male
About 6'1, 223 lbs, crew cut blond hair, cold blue eyes.
Well muscled, thick built, broad shoulders.

Walks with a slight limp from a bullet never removed. Talks with a southern accent, and punctuates arguments by pounding his fists on the table.

Constantly chewing on gum, he leaves "Seven" wrappers lying about. Has a habit of punching random numbers on his PDA.

Personality: Friendly, until in a bad mood. When in a bad mood, is very aggressive and will punch anyone who makes the slightest comment.
Newly graduated from the police academy, he is preparing to join his family on the force.

His father, with ten years of experience under his belt, inspired him to be the best he could be. His older brother is currently a desk sergeant, and has just recuperated from a shooting that occurred last year.

Always picking fights with his older brother, he usually sported a black eye. He began weightlifting, and in 2010, put his older brother into the hospital after a particularly mean bout.

He earned his nickname in high school by breaking several desks while arguing with his teacher over marks. He also earned a large bill, too.

Expertise: Melee fighting, especially with fists.

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