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Shela Grey

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1 Shela Grey on Thu May 06, 2010 10:40 am


Name: Shela Grey
[B]Age: 29
[B]Description:5'9, waist long black hair with white high lights, long bangs that cover her eyes a grey eye and a pure black eye, tan skin, she dresses in black leather skinnies, black boots that go up past her knees, a black stretchy tank top, she wears a black head band behind her bangs so that it seperates her bangs from the rest of her hair,long bangs that cover her eyes, she had black fingerless gloves with grey strips going across it, she has a bit of freckles going across her face and attached to her right leg is a gun holster the right size for a small gun, she wears black lip stick and is really Gothic, she also has a black spiky choker around her neck, she has a skull tattoo on her right shoulder, she is Italian with an Italian accent and she is blind
[B]Personality:cranky, never shows emotion sarcastic, evil, enjoys watching others in pain and she doesn't show fear for any thing. She always has a plan for something and surrenders if she has to but manages to get away eventually
Biography: She is a trained bounty hunter and is on no ones side, she has been hunted down by the police for 3 years on account of murder, she has been trying to hunt down FAIR members for accidental killing her little brother.
Expertise:Lieing, very fast runner, and a master at making plans, karate, and gymnast

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