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Alexander Kalos

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1 Alexander Kalos on Mon May 17, 2010 10:22 am


Police | Rookie
Police | Rookie
Name: Alexander Kalos
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Description: Alexander (Alex) is an average Grecian, about six feet tall, 190 lbs, and a darker face. Scar across his cheek, and hazel eyes. He has a longer face with stern features. Mostly muscular in build although not large in mass. He has large hands, which looked permanently swelled from constant hand-to-hand combat. His feet are large too, long and wide for significant stability.
Personality: Although Alex normally seems calm; he has a short temper, and is resistant to generous amounts of pain. Not completely resistant to pain but large sums of it. Alex is a dark figure, normally wearing something to cover his face, so as not to be recognized. Normally he will stay out of combat unless payed too, or it is necessary to fight.
Biography: Alex had a rough childhood, his father, being constantly fascinated with Spartan history wanted his son to be a modern Spartan warrior. Alex barely survived his childhood. He was not in the least surprised to find out, at sixteen, that his father had been arrested for a large scam, as his father was notorious for. Although he did pick up the ability to lie from his father. At seventeen Alex’s mother was held hostage in their home and beaten to death. After that, at eighteen he enrolled in the Greek military, after a year his CO, and new father figure, advised him to join the Greek spec ops force. He was admitted, but soon kicked out for hospitalizing a squad member over a political dispute. A day later three mysterious men approached Alex with guns, they were his mother’s killers and he killed them all violently. Disarming each of them, rendering them physically immobile then strangling each one of them. A month later he moved to The City.
Expertise: Advanced hand-to-hand combat, advanced fencing, and explosives.

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